The Lokahi | About
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LOKAHI is a Hawaiian word. It means harmony and balance. It describes how people, whilst each retaining individuality, may creatively live and enjoy life together. Through nature and ourselves we can connect to a feeling of Lokahi.

Wherever we look we are reminded of parallels in the natural world; we witness ‘changing constants’. Changing seasons, as they move with the sun, rid preceding seasons of their characteristics. Tides rise and fall, shaping the coast. And the minds of men dream of soul-enriching escapes from daily obligations and responsibilities. From nature we may learn to embrace and respect Lokahi, gaining as we do a deeper understanding of ourselves.

In the modern world finding a sense of Lokahi isn’t always easy. There are many distractions and most of us live fast paced lives, making it more difficult to find peace and harmony, both internally and externally.

Combining her passion for Yoga, Pilates, Water Sports, and Nature Nicky founded Lokahi with the aim to unite people through shared interests, helping to promote healthy, harmonious, and balanced lifestyles.

Based in West Cornwall Nicky teaches Yoga and Pilates as well as running a variety of retreats.

A passion for the ocean and action sports inspired Nicky to run adventure retreats combining surf sports and yoga.

Competing in Kitesurfing has helped Nicky to better understand the body, working to balance between exerting the body and listening to its needs. Her journey has allowed her to gain experience in professional sports, working with injury rehab, creating good mental wellbeing and finding balance in life.

“The body is our tool to experience the most amazing things, it is how we look after our body and mind which helps us to experience a content and fulfilling life. Yoga and Pilates give us the tools to train the body and mind, through creating a sense of harmony and balance in our minds we in turn begin to find it in ourselves.”

Join us on your journey to a healthier, more balanced, Lokahi life.