Pilates One to One
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Take your body to the next level with One to One and Equipment Pilates.

The benefits of doing one to one pilates are incredible. Everything you can get away with in a class just can’t happen! The result is you work the body in ways it may otherwise try to avoid, balancing out any weaker neuromuscular pathways.

Results are far quicker than classes, and you will usually achieve better range of movement and overall conditioning.

One to One’s are ideal for everyone but not always affordable so a class is the next best thing.

Those who can really benefit from One to One training are:

  • People who suffer with continual aches or pains, due to postural imbalances.


  • Athlete’s or sports people looking to progress their level by fine tuning their bodies and addressing any imbalances.


  • Anyone who wants to take their well being to the next level, and help to promote longevity in their joints.

Reformer and Tower Pilates

Nicky also teaches equipment based pilates on Reformer and Tower (pictured above) If you thought Mat Pilates makes you feel good wait until you try this!

The Reformer uses the resistance of springs to help strengthen the body. It serves the same purpose as many of the mat-based Pilates movements, to accelerate developments in flexibility, strength and body alignment. However with the added resistance it not only supports where needed but often makes it easier to activate muscles.  Be prepared to work from head to toe and leave feeling a couple of inches taller!

Join us on your journey to a healthier, more balanced, Lokahi life.